We're offering a full range of consulting services will help homeowners and real estate agents.

For homeowners:

As a homeowner, having your home in the exactly the way you want it is something we believe.

  • Explaining how does city permits application work:
  • Depending on the type of project, the application permit process may vary, including timeline.
  • On-site consulting about what can be done to an existing property
  • Homes are often built undersize or over size. Before planning a demolition on an oversize home, a complete remodeling could help to keep that extra floor space. On top of keeping the additional square footage, it also keeps the re-sale value at is full potential.
  • Scope of work breakdown:
  • We entirely explain what are the steps of your renovation or construction project, including timeline and potentially investment cost.
  • Describing the full potential of a home
  • Explaining city bylaws and building codes as it applies to your home
  • Every city has their bylaws. Bylaws and building codes are there to protect you and to ensure public safety and a harmonized external design.

For real-estate agents:

Being in real-estate isn't the easiest career. At BC Home Drafting and Consulting, we want to help you assure your clients that their home is a good investment.
Pre-purchase home consulting:

  • Find out the city guideline about land zoning, including:
  • Information about city zoning and building codes as it applies to a listing
  • Each zoning involves different design requirement when comes time to build new or when altering an existing home, within a specific zoning.
  • Describing the full renovation potential of a home
  • Scope of work breakdown for listings intended for renovation
  • Find out the renovation process and cost per square foot to renovate a home
  • Explain why a property may or may not be a wise investment for you or your clients
  • Some older homes may have presence of hazardous material such as lead, asbestos, oil, mercury, and other that may involve expensive remediation cost.

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