Updating your home?
Looking to purchase a new home to renovate?
Do you require assistance with municipal permitting processes?

Are you:

  • Confused about how to make a home more efficient given the existing space?
  • Unsure about building codes and city bylaws?
  • Uncertain whether a home will be a good investment for the future?

We have:

  • Real world construction experience

  • Knowledge of what can and cannot be done to a home

  • Staff with a diverse range of skills and abilities

We can:

  • Design and draft to maximize the potential of your space and to meet your budgetary goals

  • Do on-site consulting for prospective home purchases

  • Guide you through the permitting processes, especially with the City of Vancouver

Why BC Home Drafting and Consulting?

People have reached out to us because…

  • They do not know where to start when purchasing a home
  • Not sure what to do when renovating or when updating their existing home.
  • Do not know how to get their permitting process or do not know what are the restriction in their zone
  • Our clients trust our construction experience and knowledge of building codes and city bylaws.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help as home owners and real estate agents navigate the confusing world of construction and renovation.  By helping people through the permitting phase of their residential projects, more homes will be built properly, designed well and will be more achievable dreams to people of all walks of life.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!